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We Offer Professional Liability Insurance Policies

Even if you have your clients' best interests in mind, sometimes the service, products, or advice you provide can harm a client or a client's business. Also referred to as Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O) or Professional Indemnity Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance protects you and your firm against claims should that occur.

A General Liability or Business Insurance policy may include Professional Liability coverage, or it might not. This type of coverage can be purchased separately when it is not included with another policy. This type of coverage not only protects you and your firm from civil lawsuits, but also sends a message to clients and prospective clients that you take your work and their needs seriously enough to back up your service, advice, or product. Therefore, not only does this type of policy protect you from lawsuits, but it can help you grow your business as well. That's why, especially for service providers or advisors, this is a must-have coverage. Sometimes, these policies may be tailored to your specific needs as far as what types of liability are covered (within the scope of civil law), however, they do not typically protect in the event of alleged or proven criminal activity.

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