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Retail and Service Insurance covers the specific needs of a specific type of business. Retail shops, for example, may require certain coverage options that other businesses do not need. The nature of a retail shop involves many customers moving through the shop, potentially handling merchandise, and interacting directly with employees. Because of this, coverage against slips and falls, shoplifting, and employee health and safety may be concerns addressed by Retail Insurance policies.

Coverage options for Service Insurance may include Business Income coverage, or Business Interruption coverage, which allows your service company to remain in the black even while your business property is being restored or replaced following a loss. A program tailored to the needs of your service firm might include coverage for equipment related losses, which might be a crucial option for an information technology service company. General Liability and Business Insurance policies may not cover all of the specific ins and outs of your business; that's why there are Retail and Service Insurance policies. These coverages may be able to provide protection for your business in the event of theft, food contamination, or pollution-related losses—and these are just a few of the examples of ways in which a policy can be tailored to fit your needs.

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