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Being a restauranteur is both exciting and stressful—but protecting yourself, your restaurant, and your employees need not be a cause for stress. Restaurant Insurance exists to cover the specific needs of the industry, from sewer or drain coverage, to workers' compensation, to equipment breakdown coverage…and everything in between. Because every restaurant is different, these policies can often be tailored to fit your specific needs, allowing you to elect and opt-out of various coverage options. For example, if your restaurant operates in more than one country, you might elect to purchase Multinational coverage. However, for a single-establishment restaurant, this option would be excessive. Restaurant Insurance policies have the capability to protect your restaurant holistically, by covering employees, business operations, and potential liability suits.

Protecting your restaurant from the risks inherent to the industry not only secures your investment, but helps promote the health, safety, and wellbeing of your employees as well as your patrons. Because Restaurant Insurance policies can be built coverage by coverage, they can often include types of insurance that might otherwise have to be purchased separately, such as General Liability. By combining multiple types of coverage, your Restaurant Insurance policy can offer security in all aspects of your business.

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