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Workplace health and safety is important, but sometimes accidents or work-related illnesses happen. Workers' Compensation Insurance serves two main purposes. This coverage provides compensation for medical procedures or medication as well as wages to the injured or sick employee while preventing said employee from filing suit against an employer for negligence. Depending on your company's needs and location, the construct of your Workers' Compensation coverage may differ; however, it will still accomplish both of the aforementioned goals.

In addition to protecting your company from an injured employee's lawsuit, Workers' Compensation Insurance (often referred to simply as Workers' Comp) informs would-be employees that you care for their health and safety, and have taken provision to protect both them and their ability to earn or receive wages in the event they are injured or made ill by the nature of their work or on your company's premises. Workers' Comp coverages and rates may vary depending on your industry, as well as your location, as certain industries are more prone to accidental injury or work-related illness. Workers' Comp provides peace of mind for both your company and employees, so even if your company is not required by law to purchase this coverage, it can be a boon both for your current and future employees.

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